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Long House of Dipanimpan Bolong Nanga Nyabau, Heart of Borneo

The Nanga Nyabau Village Nanga Nyabau is one of the villages in Kapuas Hulu Regency, precisely in Embaloh Hulu district. It does’nt take a long time to visit this village from Putussibau*. Nanga Nyabau can be achieved in about 1 hour road trip. I have been to this village several times, but not with special intentions for traveling or backpacking. My arrival to this village was only to take my co-workers in the village of Nanga Lauk. Why go to Nanga Nyabau village? Its because the most plausible path to the village of Nanga Lauk is the river route starting from Nanga Nyabau downstream of the Palin River. After several visits, I learned that Nanga Nyabau Village has a betang house (long house) that has been designated as a cultural heritage object. While waiting for the boat pickup from Nanga Lauk, we visited the betang house in Nanga Lauk village on the advice of Rio. From where the car was parked, me, the nicke, elin, and aloy, walked across the suspension bridge that are very com