Gosong Beach, Serene Beach in West Borneo

Gosong Beach Bengkayang - Horror

Gosong beach, is a beach which is located in Sungai Raya Kepulauan, Bengkayang. Gosong means is overburned, you might think that this beach is black at all. In fact, the beaches was not burn (again), but, acording to the local community, Gosong Beach was been fired several years ago. Thats why this beach called so.

Gosong beach location was close to an outfall, made the sea water is becoming very turbid. Maybe a lot of people knowing this beach, but probably only a few of them who ever came to it. The water is muddy, so the visitor could not enjoy it while swimming, unless you like with salt water muddy. Probably it become one of the main reasons why people are unwilling to visit this beach. Not only muddy water, this beach is also known as a haunted beach. Some strange incident had ever occurred on this coast.

This beach is still very typical of rural fishermen village and only few visitor came to this beach each day. At night, this Gosong beach looks like horor beach, it is also supported by the presence of two cemeteries, the Muslim cemetery and chinese cemetery. But if we are not arrogant and overthinking about ghostlike thing, in sya Allah there will be no problem.

If you took time to stop by this beach, you will be presented with a view that is quite beautiful. The lack of visitors to this beach make the area relatively clean from plastic and other trash.

Fisherman of Gosong Beach
Fisherman of Gosong Beach
Although it is not possible to swim, we can see a some beautiful view of the beach and coconut palm plantation in this beach. The Palm trees that grow fairly tightly, coconut lodges, fishing boats, and houses presenting a quiet fisherman village atmosphere. This beach can be a recreational destination for people who require a serene place.

Gosong coastal area was used by many students from all over the coastal areas of West Kalimantan for they adventure activity almost every year. There is a hill near the beach, and we can see some cliff in that hill. The cliff was often climbed by the student who came to this place
to practise rock climbing.
Bunga Hill in Gosong Beach West Borneo
Cliff on Bunga Hill near Gosong Beach
Overall, Gosong Beach was recomended for those who seek a natural and quite place and for those who seek adventure activity. Or, you can just passing by in your trip to Singkawang or Sambas.


  1. strange incidents? please tell us more about that! :D

  2. Wah, bisa sambil hiking juga, seru. Tempatnya indah, ya :))

    1. hiking bisa... climbing juga bisa mbak... wisata horor juga bisa.. hehe

  3. REally? Gosong beach? What a funny name :)


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