Kampung Naga - Modernity Rejected

Kampung Naga is a traditional village located in Tasikmalaya District of West Java Province. Kampung (means village) Naga has a uniqueness when compare to another village in Java. This villages becames different because of their commitment go avoid all of modern touch in daily life, despite that they were live very near to it. They did'nt use electricity or anything that connected to modernity. Their rejection to the technology is the main attraction for many tourists, both local and foreign.

Objek Wisata Kampung Naga Tasikmalaya
Persawahan dan perumahan Kampung Naga
Entering Kampung Naga, we will greeted by rice fields that are not too wide on the left, while on the right there is a river and across the river there is a forbidden forest. Start entering the housing we will feel the atmosphere of a truly rural area.

Most people in Kampung Naga work as farmers, their rice fields can be seen in the street before entering the housing as mentioned above, partly on the back of the village leads to the upstream Ciwulan. They also selling various souvenirs to tourists who come to the village as an alternative of their livelihood.

All residents of Kampung Naga claimed to be muslim (embrace Islam), but Islam in Kampung Naga has been mixing with their predecessors believes before Islam.

Kampung Naga Tasikmalaya - West Java Cultural Tourism Destination
Masjid and Housing Kampung Naga

Kampung Naga landscape consists of three parts, namely the Sacred Leuweung located in the west side (up the hill), Leuweung and villages located between the sacred and Leuweung Leuweung ban. Between Leuweung ban and settlement dipusahkan by Ciwulan river where the water is not too clear. At the tomb shrine Leuweung predecessors highly respected village, this arena is off limits to visitors, even visitors with cameras are prohibited from taking pictures of this area even without entering into it. The division of this region shows a way of life in harmony with nature, because in this way their various activities they have little influence on the ecological system in Dragon village environment.

Umbrella girl in Kampung Naga
Umbrella Girl in Kampung Naga
Kampung Naga villagers are not too friendly with outsiders because they have a lot of rules about what can they say to the outsider. This is one of the difficulties for those who want to know more about the this village, unless we are willing to interact with them much longer.

One of the advantages of Kampung Naga being as tourist destination is the location is near from the highway, so it can be easily accessed by visitors. For those who want to visit Kampung Naga, can visit this village if you are going to Tasikmalaya from Bandung.