Indonesia Maritime Museum - Boat Miniature

The Maritiem Museum of Sunda Kelapa has so many miniature of tradisional and modern boat. By seeing the Miniature, you will notice that Indonesia has so many unique culture. Here are some picture of the Maritiem Museum collection.
Batavia map ilustration in 1818
Batavia in 1818 Ilustration - Maritiem Museum, Jakarta
Back to the old time, the Jakarta wellknown as Batavia, this city only covering all area which we know  as Old City Jakarta at this day. The Picture show the image of Batavia at the old day, in 1818. You can read under the picture "The City of BATAVIA in the Island of Java, anda Capital of all the Dutch Factories and Settlements in East Indies." Yeah, according to the Hystorian, the Dutch has colonized our country for at least 350, can you imagine that? But at this day, some Indonesian Hystorian doubt that, they think Dutch colonized Indonesia just for afew years, because there still some area who still fight the Dutch until 1945. Ok, forget that story, it's make me sick.

Traditional Boat From Sulawesi
Phinisi Nusantara Boat Miniature - Maritiem Museum, Jakarta
Above is The Phinisi Nusantara Boat miniature. Phinisi Nusantara is a traditional sailboat from Tana baru, Makassar. Acording to the information board, this sailing canoe is made from ulin wood/iron wood - Eucyderoxylon zwageri (in my opinion, ulin is a very unique wood, because it getting stronger in time). 

Other sailing equipment is made from bitti, na'massa, mangga and cembaga timber. What makes this boat is unique is the shape which look like a coconut husk with seven sails consisting of three jib sails, two main sails and two top sails. The real boat has 37 meter length, 8 meter width, 12 meter height of the ship mast anda 120 ton of weight.

Another collection of Indonesia Maritime Museum

Old Boat Miniature
Old Boat Miniature - Maritiem Museum, Jakarta

Old Boat Miniature Collection
Netherland Old Boat Miniature - Maritiem Museum, Jakarta

Old Boat Miniature Collection
Spain Old Boat Miniature - Maritiem Museum, Jakarta

Old Boat Miniature - Marititem Museum, Jakarta


  1. Thats why we have to love Indonesia, we have so many culture and orangnya ramah-ramah. (Ngomongnya pake logat Belanda)

    1. wkwkwkwkwk... buenuer buanguet mas renggo... (pake logat jerman)... :)


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