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Visiting Old Town of Jakarta

Old Town of Jakarta located at the northern Jakarta at this time. Previously, Jakarta area known as Sunda Kelapa Harbor area. The initial name persisted until now to port located in the northern part of the Old City. When Netherland occupy Indonesia, they made Sunda Kelapa as they center government in Indonesia and gave a new name to this area, Batavia.

Currently the old city area has become one of the favorite tourist attraction in Jakarta, in this area we can see relics of the Dutch Colonial old buildings, although most of the conditions are less maintained. We can also visit some of museums located in Fatahillah Square complex, like Jakarta History Museum, Wayang Museum, and art and ceramics museum.
Kali Besar Street and Kota Intan Bridge Kali Besar street is a line at the center of Old Town of Jakarta, this street make a cross line from north to south. At this street, we can see some old building from Dutch Colonial era, some of the is Dutch castle, Mandiri bank, and Red Shop.
At …

Reasons Why You Should Visit West Kalimantan

West Kalimantan is very rich with natural resource and human resource, especially the cultural resource. But most of this resources is less known by the outsiders, so the potency still not yet developed to promote the region. This is including the potency is tourism sector. Thats why, here we will tell you some reason why you should go to West Kalimantan, so you can enjoy the uniqueness of this region.
Meet Dayakness People Dayakness people are the native tribe of Kalimantan and Borneo, at least 200 sub-tribe of Dayak live in Kalimantan. What makes Dayakness people interesting is their traditional way of life, though there was some of them live in modern way. Their generous attitude for outsiders. With so many sub-tribe, Dayakness also has very rich cultural activity like traditional dance, architecture, and food. If you want to see Dayakness people practising their traditional life, you can visit Ensaid Panjang in Sintang, in Ensaid Panjang you can see and stay in a house that has 13…

Kampung Naga - Modernity Rejected

Kampung Naga is a traditional village located in Tasikmalaya District of West Java Province. Kampung (means village) Naga has a uniqueness when compare to another village in Java. This villages becames different because of their commitment go avoid all of modern touch in daily life, despite that they were live very near to it. They did'nt use electricity or anything that connected to modernity. Their rejection to the technology is the main attraction for many tourists, both local and foreign.

Entering Kampung Naga, we will greeted by rice fields that are not too wide on the left, while on the right there is a river and across the river there is a forbidden forest. Start entering the housing we will feel the atmosphere of a truly rural area.

Most people in Kampung Naga work as farmers, their rice fields can be seen in the street before entering the housing as mentioned above, partly on the back of the village leads to the upstream Ciwulan. They also selling various souvenirs to tou…

Indonesia Maritime Museum - Boat Miniature

The Maritiem Museum of Sunda Kelapa has so many miniature of tradisional and modern boat. By seeing the Miniature, you will notice that Indonesia has so many unique culture. Here are some picture of the Maritiem Museum collection.
Back to the old time, the Jakarta wellknown as Batavia, this city only covering all area which we know  as Old City Jakarta at this day. The Picture show the image of Batavia at the old day, in 1818. You can read under the picture "The City of BATAVIA in the Island of Java, anda Capital of all the Dutch Factories and Settlements in East Indies." Yeah, according to the Hystorian, the Dutch has colonized our country for at least 350, can you imagine that? But at this day, some Indonesian Hystorian doubt that, they think Dutch colonized Indonesia just for afew years, because there still some area who still fight the Dutch until 1945. Ok, forget that story, it's make me sick.
Above is The Phinisi Nusantara Boat miniature. Phinisi Nusantara is a tra…

Maritime Museum - Old City of Jakarta

Maritim Museum or we call it as Museum Bahari is one of the oldest museum in Indonesia which collect so many artifact about Indonesia in the past time, esspecially sea or ship artifact. This time i will show you some picture which i take in the museum, actually this trip is part of my trip to gone to Old City of Jakarta, you can read the first story at here.

The first time we arrive at the museum area, we go up to the Syahbandar Tower. Back to the tower, this tower at least has 30 m in heigh. From this tower, we can look around of the Sunda Kelapa Harbour. Ups, i forgot to tell you, The Maritime Museum of Jakarta was located at north end of Jakarta, in Penjaringan District. This area is welknown as Sunda Kelapa Harbour.

Leaving Syahbandar Tower, the next place is the main building of Maritime Museum. Actually, the building of this museum is a Batavia Castle wich builded at 18th century. Befor we arived at the gate, we walk through a crowded traditional market, or we can say streed ma…